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Welcome to ARTLab

This is the portal for many of the Autonomous Remote Technology Projects centered in the Institute of Marine Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Here is where you can find schematics and descriptions of our instruments, summaries of our current and past projects, and tools that allow access to real-time data.

Recent Publications

Hauri, C., M. Truffer, P. Winsor and K. Lennert (2014), Surface Drifters Track the Fate of Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwater, Eos Trans. AGU, 95(26), 237.

Evans, W., J. Mathis, P. Winsor, H. Statscewich, and T. E. Whiteledge (2013), A Regression Modeling Approach for Studying Carbonate System Variability in the Northern Gulf of Alaska. Journal of Geophysical Research, 1, 476-489.

Recent News Coverage

September, 2015: An SFOS news article on development of the RPM-Lite, a smaller version of the RPM:
Wind powered radars make remote data collection possible

Summer, 2015: AOOS's summer newletter features our projects prominently:
AOOS increases observing activities in the Arctic

January, 2015: Alaska Public Media talked to Dr. Winsor about the ARCTREX experiment:
ARCTREX Tests Arctic Oil Spill Tracking Techniques

July, 2014: Environmental Monitor reports on our deployment of drifters in western Greenland:
Drifting sensors detail meltwater around Greenland ice sheet's tricky research conditions

May, 2014: An article on the CONVERGE project in Antarctica, provided by the United States Antarctic Program:
Converging factors: New project to use radar array to determine how ocean currents affect food web

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Dr. Tom Weingartner Principal Investigator
Dr. Peter Winsor Principal Investigator
Ms. Rachel Potter Research Associate
Mr. Hank Statscewich Research Associate
Ms. Elizabeth Dobbins Research Associate

ART Lab is located within the Institute of Marine Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.



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