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Publication Search from the ISI Web of Science

How to access your publications that have been picked up by the citation search engines:

There are several ways to get to these sources. Here is the one that I use from a SFOS/UAF linked computer. Not sure this would work from home.

1. Go to the ISI Web of Science.

2. Select FULL SEARCHl

3. This gives you the options of searching either by General Search or by Cited Reference Search.

Using general search, you can find your publications back to 1985 and then can select individual ones to ask for their citation history.

Using Cited Reference search, you can list of all of your publications and their citation history.

If you have an fairly unique last name (e.g., Kowalik, Castellini, Weingartner), and use a * term on your first initial, it is pretty easy to get just your own publications. If you have a name that is more popular (e.g., Johnson, Kelly), then you may have to use some limiters in the search such as "marine", "chemistry", "oceans", etc.

4. You can select any of your resulting publications and ask for the details of who is citing you. A great way to know who else is reading and using your work.