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SALMON Education

One of the greatest challenges in education is to provide basic scientific literacy and natural resource education to students. One of the SALMON Project's education goals is to develop compelling physical oceanography education tools, including curricula for junior and high school students, that can also be easily utilized by the general public. Through an audio-visual slideshow, real-time lab demonstration movies, audio instructions, animations and lessons plans, we invite you to have fun learning about the principles of physical oceanography and the unique dynamics of the northern Gulf of Alaska!

Lesson Plans
Awash in Physical Oceanography Education: SEE and HEAR pages of real-time lab demonstrations (movies), audio instructions, animations and lesson plans pages: Guide to Teaching Physical Oceanography” (Suitable for grades 7 through 12).

At-Sea Video
Jump aboard a real oceanography vessel conducting research in the northern Gulf of Alaska! Narrated by oceanographers at work, our audio-visual slideshow is an experience not to miss: At Sea Oceanographic Research”.

Now available as a CD ROM (both MAC and PC compatible), DVD, and VHS for $5 S&H. Each comes with a printed script and graphics on the cover. To order, mail your check (payable to Andrew Bray) to:

SALMON Project (Attn: Andrew Bray)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
245 O’Neill Bldg.
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7220

Cruise Diary
Read the daily logs and check out the photographs taken during a research cruise in the Gulf of Alaska in spring 2003. See what it's like to live and study abroad an oceanographic vessel: "Mesoscale Survey Cruise Diary.

Radio Interviews
Listen to Professor Dave Musgrave discuss topics ranging from the formation of waves in Hawaii to the circulation of the Gulf of Alaska in a series of interviews broadcast on KUAC. This audio series is informative and entertaining for students and professional scientists alike: "KUAC Radio Interviews”.

Learn about the ways in which SALMON Project staff have been directly involved in introducing Oceanography to students in Alaska: "Oceanography Workshops".